Brett Stevens is a Food & Lifestyle Photographer based in Sydney, Australia – his work has taken him all over the world, working with some of the best magazine and book Publishers specialising in food, lifestyle and travel titles.

His passion for photography is inspired and invigorated by his love of architecture, design and travel.

Working with a diverse range of editorial clients including Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Jamie, The Australian Women’s Weekly, Your M&S, SBS Feast , MSLO, and, advertising clients such as Woolworths, Nestle, Arnott’s, Barilla, Kraft, Coles Supermarkets and Unilever he brings a unique perspective to the work he produces.

The work he produces is always inspired, fresh and distinctively noted with his style.

Brett has photographed and contributed to more than 40 Food & Lifestyle Books, he notes some of his favourite commissions include Snowflakes and Schnapps - Jane Lawson, Seasons - Donna Hay, Grillhouse - Ross Dobson, Zumbo - Adrian Zumbo and the recent Pete Evans Cookbook – Pizza.

With regular trips to the northern hemisphere, he collaborates with some of the best food and prop stylists in the UK and Australia, producing considered and beautiful images for each and every commission. His global approach to his work has encouraged him to remain enthused about producing a unique product with every brief.

As Publishing shifts into the digital era to a more content generating commodity, Brett has enjoyed shooting & directing video and stills for online and tablet platforms along with traditional publishing methods.

Awards and Achievements

Australian Magazine Publishers Association Awards - Best Photography – (2010)

Vogue Entertaining and Travel – Masterpiece Feature. Food Editor Sophia Young, Art Director Jacqui Porter, Stylist Margot Braddon (2009)

Food Media Club Australia Runner Up/Silver - Best Food Photography (2010)

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards Australian Winner – (2011) Zumbo – Fantastical Kitchen of Other-Worldly Delights/Murdoch Books

Faking It, Quick Smart Cook, Simply the Best, More Please – In Excess of 250000 Copies Sold


Brett is a firm believer that it is always a team effort to achieve a unique result for his Clients and as such collaborates on commissioned shoots with some of the finest Stylists, Photography Chefs, Designers and Art Directors.

Brett’s work is always very unique and inherently stamped with his style.


Still life





Ninety seconds

The time it took a traditional Polaroid to develop after exposure. This series of images explores what is possible within ninety seconds within the digital medium.

Paris dreaming

Close your eyes, think of the hauntingly beautiful city…


Consumer needs for fuel are a necessity although we have a way to go before our lust for oil becomes redundant.

Timor leste

In 2000, this country was enjoying a rebirth after independence. The East Timorese are proud and loyal to their motherland. Sadly the country and it’s people have fallen into chaos and disorder in recent times.

Ninety seconds

Paris dreaming




The latest ...



After a well earned Easter long weekend, continued great autumn weather in Sydney allowed to me take advantage of some fabulous location shoots for Clients such as Prevention, Post All Day and The Fresh Food Club. Highlight shoot of the month however was ‘A Lunch with Guillame Brahimi’ for Vogue Living. His classic French cuisine somehow seemed so basic and pure yet had an incredible depth, texture & flavour, thanks to the man himself and Giota at VL. Completed my latest project for Bauer Media Books with long time colleague Sophia Young, great concept, great styling and great team – thanks also to Dom and Kirsten for smashing the pans.


The tran-seasonal weather has been fantastic of late, this month started with a spicy 5 day shoot in Phuket, Thailand for Feast Magazine with Amy & Palisa from Chat Thai, Ben from Momofuku, Patrick from Ms G’s, Mitch from Buzo and Anthony from Public Dining – nice one guys, thanks for your ‘seat of your pants’ inspiration. First shoot back on the ground was a curry feature! Stylist Matt Page and I shot a beautiful lighting story for Real Living with his usual style, and stylish elements. The messiest set I think I have ever had with a cover shoot for Selector with Adriano Zumbo – 20 litres of chocolate poured over, in, around and under Mr Sweet Treat himself, the results are amazing.


Ross’ Vegetarian extravaganza continued but we were always left asking…’where is the meat?’ Womans Day always go for solid family friendly food, and this months shoots were no exception. Got together with Stylist Julz Beresford and worked on great story for AWW for the May issue, building a set then shooting in and around it – feels like home! A new book project for Bauer Media Books kicked off mid-month and took us to the end of the ‘short’ month with some very nice fresh recipes and a great team.


A very lazy start to the year, holding out for as long as possible before getting back into the studio and into the groove of 2013. Spent most of the first week in the edit suite with Tim from Fibre, fine tuning some projects we have been collaborating on. Real Living weekday meals shoot with Food Editor Ali, location again with The Food Coach, Judy Davie for Prevention and then 3 days in the Barossa Valley with the ever wonderful Maggie Beer. It was pushing 38 degrees in her barn but she soldiered on not sweating a drop and bringing a laugh to the crew in the dry Barossa heat. Commenced a new Murdoch Books project with old mate Ross Dobson, I have shot 4 of his books so it was great to be seeing his food come across the lens once again. Art Director Hugh Ford & Stylist Matt Page were brilliant to work with as always.


ACP BBC Good Food [Australia]
ACP Magazines [Australia]
ARD Buffet Magazine [Germany]
Arnotts Australia [Advertorial]
Australian Good Taste Magazine
Barilla Pasta [Australia]
Bauer Print [Germany]
Beyond the Square Communications
Bodytalk [Belgium]
Cedar Communications [UK]
Coles Supermarkets [Australia]
Com Presse [France]
Conde Nast Publishing
Cosmopolitan Magazine [Greece]
Country Style [Australia]
Cuisine Actuelle [France]
Cuisine Gourmande [France]
Cuisine Magazine [New Zealand]
Delicious Magazine [Australia]
Delicious Magazine [Holland]
Delicious Magazine [UK]
Donna Hay Magazine [Australia]
Donna Moderna [Italy]
Eat In Magazine [UK]
Egmont Hjemmet Mortensen [Norway]
Elle Magazine [Greece]
Elle Magazine [Poland]
Essentials Magazine [UK]
Eva Magazine [Hungary]
Everyday Food Magazine MSLO [USA]
Femme Actuelle Magazine [France]
Femmes D’Aujord Hiu [Belgium]
Food & Wine Magazine [USA
Food Magazine [Czech Republic]
Four Seasons Hotel Sydney
Freundin [Germany]
Gael Magazine [Belgium]
Gastronomos Magazine [Greece]
Gente Magazine [Italy]
Good Housekeeping Magazine [UK]
Guide Cuisine [France]
Harper Collins Publishers [Australia]
House & Garden Magazine [Australia]
Hubert Burda Media [USA]
Ideal Home [UK]
IMC [Australia]
Inghams Mitavite
Inten Constructions [Australia]

Jamie Magazine [UK]
John Brown Group [UK]
Marquad [Hungary]
Martha Stewart Omnimedia [USA]
Masterchef Magazine [Australia]
Michels Patisserie [Australia]
Morrisons Magazine [UK]
Murdoch Books [Australia]
Nestle [Advertorial]
Nestle Food Services
New Life Media Creative [Australia]
News Life Media [Australia]
Olive Magazine [UK]
Pacific Client Publishing [Australia]
Pacific Magazines [Australia]
Pacific Plus+ [Australia]
Petuna Group
Prevention Magazine
Quadrille Publishers [UK]
Real Living Magazine [Australia]
Redwood Publishing [UK]
Result Pictures [UK]
Sainsburys Magazine [UK]
Salute Magazine [Italy]
SBS Feast Magazine
Selector Magazine [Australia]
Seven Publishing [UK]
Subito Pronto Magazine [Italy]
Take A Break Magazine [UK]
Taste Magazine [New Zealand]
That’s Life Magazine [UK]
The Australian Womens Weekly
Top Sante [France]
Unilever Advertorial [Australia]
Viversani Magazine [Italy]
Votre Beute [Greece]
Waitrose Kitchen Magazine [UK]
Weldon Owen Publishing [Australia]
Womans Day Magazine
Women & Home Magazine [UK]
Woolworths [Australia]
Your Home & Garden [New Zealand]
Your M&S Magazine [UK]
Yummy Magazine [Phillipines]
Zeste Magazine [France]



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